AlTi5B1, AlSr10/15/3.5, AlSi20/50; AlRE10/15, AlMn10/30/40, AlV4/5/10, AlBe3/5, AlTi5/10, AlB3, AlFe20, AlCu50/35, AlZr5/10, AlCr5/10, AlNi10, AlSb4

Company: Lande Manufacturer :
Brand : Zhenshui :
Master Alloys

Product NameModel
  • Main Composition

Grain RefinersAluminum Titanium Boron Master Alloy

AlTi5B1, AlTi3B1


4.5~5.5%Ti, 0.9~1.1%Bstick/coil/waffle/bar/pigletclick
Aluminum Titanium Master AlloyAlTi5, AlTi105%Ti; 10%Tipiglet/waffle/barclick
Aluminum Zirconium AlloyAlZr5, AlZr105%Zr; 10%Zrwaffle/pigletclick
Aluminum Vanadium Master AlloyAlV4, AlV5, AlV104%V; 5%V; 10%Vwaffle/bar/pigletclick

Metallographic ModifersAluminum Strontium Master AlloyAlSr10, AlSr15, AlSr3.510%Sr; 15%Sr; 3.5%Srstick/waffle/bar/pigletclick
Aluminum Stibium Master AlloyAlSb44%Sbwaffle/pigletclick
Aluminum Stibium Master AlloyAlSb55%Sbwaffle/pigletclick
Znic Aluminum Titanium AlloyZnAlTi235-39%Al, 2%Tiwaffle/pigletclick
Aluminum Rare Earth AlloyAlRE10, AlRE1510%RE; 15%REwaffle/pigletclick

Additive Master AlloyAluminum Copper Master AlloyAlCu35, AlCu5035%Cu; 50%Cuwaffle/pigletclick
Aluminum Manganese Master AlloyAlMn10, AlMn30, AlMn4010%Mn; 30%Mn; 40%Mnwaffle/pigletclick
Aluminum Chromium AlloyAlCr55%Crwaffle/pigletclick
Aluminum Chromium AlloyAlCr1010%Crwaffle/pigletclick
Aluminum Nickel Master AlloyAlNi20, AlNi1020%Ni; 10%Niwaffle/pigletclick
Aluminum Silicon Master AlloyAlSi20, AlSi5020%Si; 50%Siwaffle/pigletclick
Aluminum Ferrum Master AlloyAlFe10, AlFe2010%Fe; 20%Fewaffle/pigletclick

Purification ProductsAluminum Boron Master AlloyAlB33%Bbarclick
Aluminum Beryllium Master AlloyAlBe3, AlBe53%Be; 5%Bebarclick


 Other Master Alloys

Aluminum  Titanium Boron Rare Earth AlloyAlTi5BRE10   84%Al, 5%Ti, 1%B, 10%RE               piglet/waffle          click
Znic Rare Earth Master Alloy     ZnRE5         95%Zn, 5%RE            piglet/waffle         click
Copper Phosphorous Alloy     CuP14            86%Cu, 14%P                shot/waffle           click
Copper Rare Earth Master Alloy     CuRE5           95%Cu, 5%RE              piglet/waffle          click


1. Q: Where is your factory plant?

    A: Our factory is located in No.1800, Longhu Road, Xindu District, Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R. China.

2. Q: What is your advantages?

    A: With professional technology, production and sales teams, we are one leading manufacturer of Master Alloy/Alloying Tablet/Fluxes in China since 1993. Quality and after-sale service can be guaranteed. Now our products have exported to more than 30 countries, such as USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, Turkey, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc..

3. Q: What is your production capacity?

    A:  Master Alloy: 15,000MT/annual

         Flux: 20,000MT/annual

         Alloying Tablet: 8,000MT/annual 

4. Q: How do we ensure the quality control?

    A: We have our own lab with professional technicians, so can ensure the high quality and stable performance, at the same time satisfy with customers’ requirements.