Aluminum Refining Flux AJ (Tablet)

1. Used by the penetration method, accompanied with rolling molten aluminum. It can be easily used in crucible and small melting furnaces. 2. Form: Black tablets, package: 250g/each, 25kg/carton, 1MT/pallet.

Company: Lande Manufacturer :
Brand : Zhenshui :

1. Properties Features:

(1). Excellent degassing function, obviously reduce the hydrogen content of aluminum alloy melt. Used together with powdery drossing fluxes, it has good refining function and can efficiently reduce the impurity of aluminum alloy castings.

(2). During using process, it is accompanied by molten aluminum tumbling, which has a stirring action on the molten aluminum pool. The reaction (degassing) is 4 to 6 minutes.

(3). No toxic gas or obvious smoke in the process, it is harmless to workers, equipment and environmental.

2. Scope of Application:

Applied to refining treatment of aluminum and its alloys.  Reaction time:4-6 minutes.

3. Operation Instructions:(for details, kindly contact us)

4. Package and Storage:

Appearance: Black tablets, 250g/each, 20kg/carton, 1MT/pallet.

Keep dry and ventilated.

5. Period of Validity:

One year.

Refining and purification: This product is used by the penetration method, accompanied with rolling molten aluminum. It can be easily used in crucible and small melting furnaces. Main model numbers are AJ01C and A102C, both of which are environmental friendly. This product is widely used in the casting industry: AJ04C is applicable to Al-Mg alloy refining and processing; AJ03C and AJ05C, with little off-gas, are used for castings with high requirement for air tightness.


1. Pressure casting (engine cylinder head);

2. Sand casting;

3. Metal mould casting (damping cylinder, piston, engine cylinder and motorcycle cylinder head);

4. Low pressure casting (aluminum wheel);

5. Electrolytic aluminum and electrical aluminum rod;

6. Aluminum plate, strip, bar and sections;

7. Formulation of designing aluminum master alloy;

8. Aluminum scrap melting.

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1. Q: Where is your factory plant?

    A: Our factory is located in No.1800, Longhu Road, Eastern Industrial Zone, Xindu District, Chengdu. China.

2. Q: What is your advantages?

    A: With professional technology, production and sales teams, we have become one leading manufacturer of Aluminum master alloy/alloy tablets/fluxes in China since 1993. Quality and after-sale service can be guaranteed. Now Land products have exported to more than 30 countries, such as USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc..

3. Q: What is your production capacity?

    A:  Master alloy: 15,000MT/annual

  Flux: 20,000MT/annual

  Element Additive: 8,000MT/annual 

4. Q: How do we ensure the quality control?

    A: We have our own lab with professional technicians, so can ensure the high quality and stable performance, at the same time satisfy with customers’ requirements.