Calcium Removal Flux ACC

1. This product can remove calcium in a mass ratio of 15-50kg to 1kg. Meanwhile, it is effective in refining and purification, and can be used by nitrogen injection. 2. white powder; 10kg/polythene bag. 20kg/carton.

Company: Lande Manufacturer :
Brand : Zhenshui :

1.Properties& Application:

(1). Apply to removing excessive calcium from aluminum and aluminum alloys.

(2). Excellent removing calcium function, as a rule, 15~20kg ACC can remove 1kg Calcium.

(3). After treatment by ACC, the dross is easy to be skimmed off, and the dross contains little aluminum.

2.Operation Instructions:

(1). Manual Operations: Put ACC powder into the aluminum molten, stirring molten to homogeneous, after reaction finish, keep the molten Al static for 5~10minutes.

(2). Inert Gas-Carrying: Jet the ACC powder into the molten aluminum by the jet device.

(3). Temperature: ≥730.

(4). Dosage: According to calculating and experimental results. 

3.Package and Storage:

Appearance: white powder.

10kg/polythene bag. 20kg/carton.

Keep dry and ventilated.

4.Period of validity: 

Six month. 

Reference calcium removing capability: This product can remove calcium in a mass ratio of 15-50kg to 1kg. Meanwhile, it is effective in refining and purification, and can be used by nitrogen injection.

Application: This product is applicable to aluminum scrap melting, marking aluminum alloy ingot and other industries.

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1. Q: Where is your factory plant?

    A: Our factory is located in No.1800, Longhu Road, Eastern Industrial Zone, Xindu District, Chengdu. China.

2. Q: What is your advantages?

    A: With professional technology, production and sales teams, we have become one leading manufacturer of Aluminum master alloy/alloy tablets/fluxes in China since 1993. Quality and after-sale service can be guaranteed. Now Land products have exported to more than 30 countries, such as USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc..

3. Q: What is your production capacity?

    A:  Master alloy: 15,000MT/annual

  Flux: 20,000MT/annual

  Element Additive: 8,000MT/annual 

4. Q: How do we ensure the quality control?

    A: We have our own lab with professional technicians, so can ensure the high quality and stable performance, at the same time satisfy with customers requirements.