Chromium Tablet Cr60, Cr75

1. Apply to the Cr element addition of aluminum and other alloys, replacing Al-Cr master alloys. 2. Dull gray tablet. 250g/tablet, 20kg/carton.

Company: Lande Manufacturer :
Brand : Zhenshui :

1.Properties & Application:

(1). Apply to the Cr element addition of aluminum and other alloys, replacing Al-Cr master alloys.

(2). Chromium content: 60% for Cr60 or 75% for Cr75 . Put directly into the molten metal at normal smelting temperature. melt quickly (<3 minutes), the Cr element recovery ≥ 90%. 

2.Package and Storage:

Appearance: Dull gray tablet. 

250g/tablet, 20kg/carton.

Keep dry and ventilated.

3.Period of Validity:

Six months.

Function and usage

Used to addition or adjust the content of chromium element in aluminum and other alloys, to replace the Al-Cr master alloy. It can be added directl into the melt at normal melting temperature, not only melting fast but also easy to use, and the chromium element recovery rate are higher than 95%. Applied to non-ferrous plate, strip, foil, sectiong and bar industry, wire and cable making, and non-ferrous alloy ingots industry. 

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