In January 1st, 2011, Lande company officially signed Scientific Research Teaching Cooperation Agreement with Sichuan University, which was determined to build the research platform by both Lande company and Materials Institute of Sichuan University. Set up research and production bases in Lande company and treat it as the teaching school of master degree candidates of Materials Institute of Sichuan University. At the same time, form a high-performance joint research office of aluminum master alloy in Materials Institute of Sichuan University.         


Lande company signed a similar agreement with the Southwest Petroleum University in 2016 and kept long-term product communication and detection with Chongqing University. Our company is dedicated to establish close technical strategic partnership with colleges and universities, so as to build a long-term mechanism of coordinated innovation of research and production. That will promote the transformation of scientific research achievements, raise the level of scientific research, train professional and technical personnel, and guarantee the technical level and product quality.