Love Charity

Lande adhere to the spirit of “righteousness and benefit, morality and deeds, enterprise development and giving back to society”. Lande company positively participated in the love activity and undertook the social responsibility in Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, Zhouqu mudslide, flood in Pakistan, Taiwan “Morach” typhoon and other disasters. The development of Lande company is inseparable from the support and attention from all sectors of society. Charity is not an activity or a donation, but a long-term responsibility and objective of an enterprise.  

Environment protection


Lande adhere to the strategy of “protect the environment and realize sustainable development”, and uses the existing resources at maximum to protect the environment and do well in management. Resolutely carry out the environment protection policy regulation and standard, strictly implement pollution declaration and pollution charging system, effectively strengthen pollution prevention and control, and adhere to the new road of industrialization with high technology, low resource consumption, less environment pollution and good economy. 


Scientific Development

Lande adhere to the scientific development of “five co-ordination” and develop the enterprises. Treat development as the center and the premise, and constantly expand the scale of enterprises.  As research and production base of Sichuan University and Southwest Petroleum University, Lande company is also the teaching school of master degree candidates of Materials Institute of Sichuan University. At the same time, set up a high-performance joint research office of aluminum master alloy in Materials Institute of Sichuan University. That set up the research base of production and research with universities is to build a long-term mechanism of coordinated innovation of research and production. That will promote the transformation of scientific research achievements, raise the level of scientific  research, and bring an important way of economic and social benefits.