SICHUAN LANDE INDUSTRY COMPANY LTD., founded in 1993, specializing in the production of aluminum melt materials enterprises, focus on non-ferrous metals in more than 20 years of melt materials research and development, production and sales, one of several big brand suppliers for domestic recognized, users for aluminum sheet, belt, foil, cable and aluminum ingots, aluminum castings, aluminum processing enterprises.

Mother products among aluminum base alloy (alloy), element additives and three categories of flux, used in non-ferrous metal smelting casting process, its effect is melt purification (refining slag, degassing), the composition adjustment and casting crystallization (refinement, metamorphic) control of the organization, so as to significantly improve the quality of aluminous material performance and metallurgy.

Company provide smelting technology support for the aluminum processing enterprises for a long time, at the same time based on aluminum alloy casting technological transformation, processing of aluminum melt involved in the high temperature furnace and the material, the liquid aluminum purification, heat exchange cooling, aluminum slag processing and development of the dust collecting equipment improvement, has accumulated rich experience, get seven related patents. To this end, the company in recent years on the basis of "melt material" projects to increase investment, developed the "melt equipment" project.

Company is located in chengdu xindu industrial east, covers an area of 110 mu, building area of 40000 square meters, the designed capacity of 30000 tons, the current scale of 400 million RMB/year. Company in Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, chongqing, guangdong and chengdu factory has sales service, and export to the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Turkey and more than 20 countries and regions such as southeast Asia.

Company and the materials department of sichuan university to build production platform and joint training graduate student. The company has been identified as "key new materials of chengdu enterprise", "safety production standardization level enterprise", "city technology center", "national hi-tech enterprise", graphic trademark "was rated" sichuan province famous trademark.

Companies pay attention to corporate culture and basic management, operation specification, is now into a higher stage of development.

Industrial policy: manufacture high-quality goods, management brand.

Enterprise idea: market shall prevail, science and technology first, strength, the good faith for the business, advanced management, reasonable profit and taxes on the sun.